4WD Accessories

4WD accessories in Busselton

4WD vehicles are built for utility. Our team of vehicle electronic experts has all the tools and accessories you need to ensure your 4WD is ready for anything. From towing hitches to solar power, our crew will completely fit out any 4WD vehicle for optimal 
performance and comfort.

Electrical battery systems

When you are looking for extra power while off the beaten path, a new electrical battery system is the answer. We are even able to outfit your current vehicle with a dual battery system to ensure you always have the performance you need.
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Towing package

4WD vehicles are built for work. All that power under the hood is great for towing trailers or other vehicles. From hitches to tow bars, we have all the equipment you need to get your vehicle ready to pull at its full potential. 
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Electrical brakes

Electrical brakes bring an unmatched level of control and response to your vehicle’s braking system. Our team specialises in the fitting and installation of electrical brake systems on 4WD vehicles. 
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Solar systems

There is a lot of sunshine available in Australia. Why not harness the sun’s power for your vehicle? Our team of auto electronics professionals have all the panels and accessories you need to convert the sun’s rays into your vehicle’s power, saving you money and extending the life of your battery.
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